Cyber Protection During Heightened Security Risks

Cyber Protection During Heightened Security Risks

With the recent US Strike on Qassem Soleimani, it is best for business owners to be on alert and ready for malicious activity from Iranian hackers.   Having cyber protection during heightened security can help mitigate losses for your business.  Often times, Iranian hackers have retaliated on the United States by unleashing cyber attacks. Cyber attacks can be devastating to a business whether the business is online, a brick and mortar shop, or a mix of both.  Your client data, operational data, and financial information can be at risk. To provide a bit more info on the subject, here are some interesting facts about cybercrimes.

What exactly is cybercrime?

• criminal activities carried out by means of computers or the Internet.
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Including but not limited to:

• ransomware attacks,
• malware attacks,
• crypto mining, cryptojacking, and. …
• identity theft, or impersonating. …
• stealing, leaking or. …
• violating privacy, phishing

What harm can a cybercrime do?

The internet is a great and powerful tool. Unfortunately, those incredible traits can be used against us. The antagonists of our time have the ability to hide behind almost impenetrable fields.  Making it really hard for us to be aware of who to look out for. Many crimes that are committed online can have a lasting effect on our lives. Sometimes causing businesses to fail, identity to become stolen and even years of credit repair. Being safe online with your personal and business needs is more crucial now than ever and setting your business up with cyber protection during heightened security risks can change everything.

How can I protect myself and my business from cybercrime?

Be aware of emails asking for private info, account access or numbers and claiming to be banks, credit card companies and even government entities.  Your bank or financial institution will never ask you for account info via email.

Links from unknown sources can also be a sign that you are potentially under attack.  DO NOT click on these links from contacts you do not know. This includes emails, social networking communications, and even direct messages.

Always look for spelling errors in email addresses and or websites asking for this type of info, typically you will see a spelling error that was easily overlooked at first glance when you opened the email.

Lastly, be sure to have a cyber protection plan for your ultimate security.  Attacks like these are on the rise and we can provide any business size the protection it needs from these frighteningly sophisticated behaviors.  To learn more about our Cyber coverage options click here to read more.

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