Cyber attacks grow on black friday

Cyber threats grow on Black Friday

In this article we explore the why Cyber threats grow on Black Friday.  Black Friday is a cyber threat phenomenon and we want to show you how small businesses can be more security savvy!

Cyber Threats on Black Friday

Cyber threats come in many forms and Black Friday is no exception. Small businesses need to be aware of the risks and have a plan in place to protect themselves.  It happened again this year!

There are two main types of cyber threats: malware and phishing. Malware is software that is designed to damage or disable computers. Phishing is a type of online fraud that involves tricking people into giving away personal information, such as passwords or credit card numbers.

Both types of cyber threats can have serious consequences for small businesses. Malware can cause data loss, financial losses, and reputational damage. Phishing can lead to identity theft, financial losses, and legal problems.

Protection is Affordable

The best way to protect your business from cyber threats is to have a comprehensive cybersecurity plan in place. This plan should include measures to prevent attacks, detect attacks early, and respond quickly to mitigate any damage. You can obtain cyber insurance for less than you think and the insurers actually provide a host of free or low-cost tools to prevent claims.

Small Businesses & Cyber Security

The holidays are a busy time for small businesses. Not only are they dealing with an influx of customers, but they also have to worry about cyber threats.

According to a recent report, small businesses are the target of 43% of all cyber attacks. This year’s Black Friday proved that statistic once again.

So, what can small businesses do to protect themselves? For starters, they need to have a cybersecurity plan in place. This should include things like firewalls, anti-virus software, and secure passwords.

They also need to be aware of the latest cyber threats and how to defend against them. And if they do experience an attack, they need to know how to quickly respond and recover.  Did you know that failure to respond to an attack in a timely manner, according to your state’s regulations, can cause you to incur large fines?

Small businesses play a vital role in our economy. And with the holiday season upon us, it’s more important than ever for them to be prepared for Cyberattacks.

What is Involved in a Cyber Security Plan?

When it comes to creating a cyber security plan, there are a few key things you need to keep in mind. First, you need to identify what assets you have that need protection. This includes both physical and digital assets. Once you know what needs to be protected, you can start to put together a plan for how to protect it. This will involve both technical and non-technical measures.

Technical measures might include things like setting up firewalls and installing anti-virus software. Non-technical measures might include things like employee training on cybersecurity threats, how to recognize those threats and policies for dealing with data breaches.

It’s also important to think about who will be responsible for carrying out your plan. Make sure you have someone in charge of monitoring threats and updating your defenses as needed. And don’t forget to test your plan regularly – you want to make sure it would actually work if you were faced with a real attack.

Big Picture Solution

As the holiday shopping season ramps up, so do the chances of becoming a victim of cybercrime.

According to a recent report from Symantec, cyber threats increase by nearly 50% during the period from Black Friday to New Year’s Eve. And small businesses are especially vulnerable, as they often lack the resources and expertise to effectively protect themselves.

Action Plan

The best defense is a strong offense. Contact your insurance provider for a referral to an affordable cyber security firm to can help you become cyber-safe.  If you don’t already have one, lets get you one!  Our team can have you Cyber Protected in minutes!  Contact us today to get the ball rolling. 

Also, inquire as to the cost of cyber insurance as your insurer may provide the cyber-safe tools free to their insureds. Don’t be one of the small businesses that become a victom.  Reach out today to learn how Cyber threats grow on Black Friday and how you can protect yourself and your business.

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