Does my business need insurance?

Does my business need insurance?

We get asked often by business owners if they need business insurance? There are many reasons why you as a business owner no matter the size of your company should consider a few coverage options.

Does your business need insurance if you are just starting out?

Proper coverage will protect you from not only physical injuries or a client injury on a job or job site. It can also provide protection from common mistakes, advertising mishaps and more. In the United States, 75% of businesses are underinsured, we can help make sure that doesn’t happen to your business.  We understand that making the right decision in what business insurance coverage is best so we have broken it down for you to help assist you.

E&O Professional Liability Insurance

Whether you are a one-person shop or have many employees there are times where mistakes can be made. E&O insurance stands for errors and omissions. If you or someone in your company makes an error or mistakenly omits facts that may cause harm to your client, E&O insurance would come to your defense and cover that claim. Another surprising fact with E&O Insurance is that it is applicable to a wide range of industries. To learn about your E&O coverage options click here to receive more information.

General Liability

Many business owners of all sizes neglect to realize the opportunity they are missing with a simple GL policy. To protect yourself and your staff from personal injury on your property, or an injury of someone else this will be of great service to your protection. Even have a sense of security knowing that if someone damages the property of others, this policy has your back. To see the wide range of benefits of our General Liability policies.

Cyber Coverage

This will protect your company from any type of online crime, business network interruption or risk to media and intellectual property risks. We have cyber programs that are suitable and easy for our clients to pick and choose their options. To further explain here is a simple list of a few instances where Cyber Insurance can help protect your business:

  • Social Engineering Fraud
  • Network Interruption and Recover
  • Security and Privacy Liability
  • Technology Services

and more, click here to see all the benefits of our Cyber Insurance programs.