Your business has a unique set of risks.

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Protect your business from financial loss. InterWeb will assess those risks and make sure you receive coverage that is tailored for your specific business for the ultimate protection that your business may need.

Types of Coverage

Our industry experts personally handle your business insurance needs. Servicing all industries and professionals across the USA. Tailored policies for small or large businesses including commercial, auto, business interruption, equipment breakdown, general liability, workers compensation and business owner packages.

General Liability Covers third party liability claims for injuries or loss to other people.

Workers Comp Covers your employees if they become ill or injured while working on the job.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance – Covers commercial vehicles and drivers for collision, liability, property damage, personal injury and “comprehensive” (now known as “other than collision”).

Product Liability – Covers against faulty products and damage, illness, injury or death that may occur from using a faulty product.

Property Insurance – Covers loss and damage to your commercial business property due to fires, storms and other causes.

Umbrella Insurance Umbrella insurance provides increased policy limits above the primary liability limits in the case of large claims. Upgrade your coverage to this premium policy to protect against excessive liability.

Key Person Insurance Covers loss of income that may result from the head of the business or other key personnel becoming incapacitated or passing away (also known as key man insurance).

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