Common Boating Insurance Claims

Common Boating Insurance Claims

Common boating insurance claims are collision damage, theft, grounding, and weather-related. Additionally, claims related to injuries and accidents that occur on board the boat. All boat owners should have proper insurance coverage. This protects themselves and their assets in the event of any of these incidents.

What are the common boating insurance claims?

There are a few common boating insurance claims that are made each year. The most common claim is for damages that occur when a boat is docked. This can include damage from wind, waves, or other boats. Another common claim is for injuries that occur on the boat. This can include slips and falls, or collisions with other objects.

Other common boating insurance claims are for towing services, due to engine failure.

Claims for fuel spills, environmental damage, as well as for expenses are also common. Coverage can also be provided for medical bills in the event there are any injuries.

Boat Insurance Policy Coverage

With different types of boat insurance policies, each one offers different coverage. Here are some common features of boat insurance policies include:

Liability coverage: Covers the responsible party for damaging another person’s property or injuries.

Property damage coverage: Pays for repairs to your boat if it is damaged in an accident or by a weather event.

Medical payments coverage: Covers medical expenses of injuries that occurred on your boat.

Uninsured/underinsured boater coverage: Protection against accidents with boaters who have inadequate insurance.

Reach out to us about which types of coverage are right for you and your boat.

Questions to ask your Boating Insurance Rep

  1. What types of coverage are available?
  2. What are the limits on each type of coverage?
  3. How much does each type of coverage cost?
  4. Is there a deductible for each type of coverage?
  5. Does the policy cover just my boat, or does it also cover me and my passengers?
  6. Does the policy cover boats used for racing or other high-risk activities?
  7. Are there any exclusions in the policy?
  8. Can I tailor the policy to my specific needs?
  9. How often do premiums need to be paid, and how can they be paid?
  10. Is there a grace period for payments, and if so, how long is it?

Both experienced boaters and those starting out need to have proper boating coverage. For peace of mind and safety give us a call and we can review your policy. Boating insurance is essential to protect yourself and your property while you are out on the water.

The information in this article can help to clear up misconceptions about common boating insurance claims.

Frequently Asked Questions on Boating Insurance

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