E&O Smarts

E&O Smarts

You are probably wondering what is an E&O Smart?  In short, we know what we do, we do it very well, and we want to share some of this knowledge with you in a series of “three minutes or less” articles we call E&O Smarts.  We know you’re busy.  Our simple goal is to help you and your friends become better buyers and better users of your E&O.  We don’t want to see your E&O dollars wasted.  We hope you’ll faithfully tune in to hear tips on 

  • how to avoid claims
  • whether rates are generally going up or down at this time, 
  • any current claim trends or 
  • practical ways you can make the most out of your E&O dollar

We are an E&O broker (not an insurer) and do business nationwide.  We work with high quality, well known insurers, such as Chartis, Chubb, CNA and many others.  We specialize in E&O, which you probably gathered by now, but we also write bonds, fiduciary coverage, directors and officers and employment practices liability insurance.  We focus on key groups.  These include advice professionals (such as insurance agents , investment advisors and securities brokers) and real estate professionals (such as agents, home inspectors and title agents)

Even if you’re not in the market for E&O, we’re pretty sure you know someone who is or could benefit from this information, so we’d love for you to share this with anyone who you think may benefit from our E&O Smarts!  Remember, it’s “three minutes or less!” 

We stand out among a sea of insurance brokers because we truly understand E&O.  If you’re not one of our customers, and after giving us the privilege of educating you just a bit, you feel smarter than your current broker, it’s time to check out our reviews and give us a call.  If you ARE one of our clients, thank you for your loyalty.  

We very truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you and meet your E&O needs, and hope you enjoy the E&O Smarts!  Have a blessed day, and always remember to Do the Right Thing.

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