People are the problem when it comes to Cyber Crimes

People are the Problem

Yes it sounds harsh, especially in the current times with what “humanity” has endured.  It is true however, everyone is capable of being “that person” who opens the door for the hacker.  People are the problem, but the good news is that people are the heroes here too!  Teaching your team and staff to be advocates for securing your business is key.  Providing skills to help them see the signs of all the red flags that employees come across can change everything.

All employee roles are to blame

It’s also important to point out, it’s not just desk admin folks or outside sales reps working here and there.  We have seen the CEOs, CFOs and IT Professionals click the link or input a password.  This happens all too much and it’s much easier than we’d like to think to give access to our systems. 

Hackers are good at what they do.  In the grand scheme of things, one simple mistake can be vital.  By providing your password to the wrong person, you can open up a door to your entire organization.  All files, sensitive data, finances, and more, completely there for the taking.  You can’t be vigilant enough.

Phishing scams are tricky

Gone are the days of only contracting some computer virus by the fault of visiting an unsecured website or downloading a malicious file.  That’s kids stuff.  These pro hackers come right into your employee’s inbox, and they look like they’re a coworker, client, or even a manager.  Many times posing as an outside vendor that you even conduct business with.  Did you know that 75% of fraudulent acts are from simple phishing attacks? Read more on this here from our friends at Coalition.  

Empowering your teams with continual education on how to stay safe from these types of attacks is a critical first step in protecting your business from Phishing attacks.  To help you inform your team we’ve thoroughly covered some essential steps in educating your remote staff of phishing scams here.  By simply clicking a harmful link the end-user is potentially opening up their entire system for a hacker to steal any and all sensitive data.  Furthermore, they can gain access to their system and your business.

The solution to ensure you’re secure

Cyber coverage that covers all the bases.  Our Cyber Insurance specialists can make sure you are covered, handling any claims that arise and help you get back to business in the event an attack does take place.  This low-cost solution will help you rest at ease, and keep your business moving forward.  Call today to learn more about our comprehensive Cyber coverage (866) 277-7162 or email us at [email protected]

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